ENGL 149: Multimodal Composition

Summer 2020

Instructor: Grant Glass

Office Hours: https://grantglass.youcanbook.me or by appointment (grantg@live.unc.edu)






Copywrong: Fan Fiction and the Internet

We find ourselves in a world where libraries, museums, and movie theaters are indefinitely closed—what do we do? For many people, the internet provides opportunities to imagine themselves with Doctor Who on the Tardis, falling in love with Kylo Ren, strolling through the hallways Hogwarts with Harry Potter, or in a relationship with Edward from Twilight. What happens when we use stories or characters from a well known and loved franchise, but make something new from it? Is it a new story or just fan fiction?

This class will explore the differences in production and consumption between fan fiction, adaptation, appropriation, and “original” stories to find the lines between these distinct categories are often blurred. Students will learn how fan fiction is defined and functions on the internet through different forms ranging from stories to videos. The summer will culminate in students creating their own multimedia fan fiction composition.